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Review Board 3.0.9 Release Notes

Release date: October 12, 2018


New Features

  • Recent access times for users are now tracked.

    Users in the database have historically contained a “last_login” field that was based around when the user last explicitly logged in through the Login page, RBTools, or another client. Because of this, the timestamp could be up to a year old, even if the user has been recently using the site.

    That field is now kept up-to-date based on when the user has last used Review Board, accurate to within a 30 minute period.

    This can help when determining the number of users needed for a support contract or Power Pack license.

  • Condition rules for integrations can now match against target reviewers and participants in discussions. (Bug #4641)

    This allows integrations (like Slack) to enable or disable configuration depending on whether certain users are specified as target reviewers, or whether they’ve participated in the review process as reviewers or in replies to reviews.

    Patch by Shlomo Hollander.

Feature Improvements


  • Enhanced data serialization and validation for custom WebHook templates.

    Custom WebHook templates are now guaranteed to always receive standard data types, like dictionaries or lists, rather than ever taking more complex objects like model instances. This ensures that the templates can always work with data in a safe and standard way.

Usability Improvements


  • Added helpful instructions and labels for configuring Beanstalk authentication.


  • Fixed parsing extension metadata containing Unicode characters.

    This fixes compatibility with Review Bot.

  • Fixed loading, rendering, and storing text and rich text in custom text fields.


Bug Fixes

Account Backends

  • Fixed a bug that could result in account backends (like LDAP or Active Directory) from being looked up.

Review Requests

  • Fixed a timestamp bug causing the wrong information to be shown in Review Request Updated activity notifications. (Bug #3445)

    Patch in part by Anni Cao.

  • The correct user is now shown in the Review Request Updated activity notifications when another user with edit permissions publishes a draft. (Bug #4654)

  • Changing custom date/time fields now properly shows the review request’s draft banner.


  • Fixed a bad background color when hovering over date cells on every other row.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed some visual alignment issues with the display of move detection flags.

    The lines being moved used to be offset by a couple of pixels from all other lines. They now line up properly, preventing code from appearing indented at all.


  • Bad JIRA configurations no longer cause crashes when trying to load bug report details.


  • Fixed issues when not specifying an explicit client but with a none client existing on Perforce.


  • Fixed using Subversion repositories that didn’t require authentication when using Subvertpy as the backend.

    Patch by Ezra Buehler.


  • Anni Cao
  • Barret Rennie
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Ezra Buehler
  • Scott Worley
  • Shlomo Hollander