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Review Board 3.0.2 Release Notes

Release date: January 9, 2018

Usability Improvements

  • JSON fields in the administration UI are now more easily editable.



  • Fixed compatibility with some existing extensions containing JavaScript code.

    Review Board 3.0 removed some attributes on RB.ReviewablePageView() that broke some extensions (specifically, reviewRequest and pendingReview. These attributes have been restored.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a regression where e-mail addresses weren’t being normalized to lowercase, causing Gravatar lookups to fail.

Desktop Notifications

  • Fixed support for displaying desktop notifications.

    Review Board 3.0 introduced support for showing desktop notifications when a review request currently opened in a tab has updated, helping to let users know about the update when they’re not paying attention to the browser. This shipped in a broken state in 3.0, but is now fixed.

    Users may see a prompt for enabling notifications when next viewing a review request. This can also be controlled in the My Account page.


  • Review Board sites hosted in a subdirectory of a domain no longer contain broken links in e-mails. (Bug #4612)

File Attachments

  • Fixed drag-and-dropping file attachments on a text field when using a local site.

Review Requests

  • Users can now close their own issues that require verification. (Bug #4610)

  • Closed review requests now longer show the last comment or review time as the closed time. (Bug #4492)

    Patch by Theodore Brockman.

  • Fixed loading updates to review request entries and diff comment fragments that contain Unicode/Emoji characters. (Bug #4617)

  • The in-page notification bubble indicating new updates or discussions on a review request is no longer hidden on the review request page.

  • Fixed displaying Emojis in the diffed text fields for review request field changes.

  • Fixed reloading entries on a review request when the HTML contains Unicode characters.

  • Fixed loading diffs for comments when the diff contained Unicode characters.

  • Fixed dynamically loading and displaying diffs for comments left by automated code review tools after the first automated review for a change.

  • Fixed a problem where a translation of certain text could potentially impact the rendering of the Review Request Changed entries.

Diff Viewer

  • The “Download Diff” button no longer vanishes after loading the diff. (Bug #4615)


  • Fixed another issue with patching errors involving BOM files from Perforce. (Bug #4596)


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Theodore Brockman