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Review Board 3.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: December 5, 2017


  • Added capability flags to indicate JSON patching and symlinks for Git diffs are supported.

    The JSON patching flag is in extra_data.json_patching, and indicates that the new JSON storage/merging and JSON patching operations are available.

    The symlinks for Git diffs flag is in scmtools.git.symlinks, and indicates that Git diffs containing symlinks can be properly handled and viewed.

    Both capability flags are found in the root resource.

  • Added a new user permission for seeing invite-only groups in the API. (Bug #4507)

    Users with the “Can view invite-only groups” permission will see invite-only groups in the Review Group List Resource. This is useful for in-house scripts and tools that need to manage group lists without being administrator users.

    Patch by Claudia Chen.


  • Fixed Review.objects.from_user() to return the correct results when providing a logged-in user.

Bug Fixes


  • Avatar backends provided by extensions should no longer disappear.

    We had some issues were the settings used to store information on avatar backends would get reset after an extension-provided backend was disabled. If an extension providing a backend is disabled, the next backend in the list will be used instead. Once the extension is re-enabled, its backend should once again take priority.

  • Fixed crashes that could occur when saving the configuration form for avatars.


  • Fixed the X-ReviewBoard-Diff-For header to include modified files. (Bug #4572)

    Due to a bug, the header was no longer including modified files in the list, breaking filtering.

    Patch by Henri-Philippe Marceau.

User Page

  • Fixed replies unintentionally showing up in the list of reviews on the user page.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Claudia Chen

  • David Trowbridge

  • Henri-Philippe Marceau