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Review Board 1.0.6 Release Notes

Release date: March 27, 2010

Feature Improvements

  • Added a [Discarded] label for discarded review requests on the All My Requests page. (Bug #1350)

  • Changed the ... icon next to the dashboard columns to be a pencil icon, which is more recognizable and easy to find.

Performance Improvements

  • The dashboard suffered from speed problems in the past, particularly with certain types of columns. Much work has been done to heavily optimize the dashboard. There should be a very noticeable speed increase in this release.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the stale settings problem, where saved settings would sometimes appear to revert. This was dependent on the web server setup, but would sometimes result in saving settings and not seeing them take effect until the web server was restarted. We need testing in more real deployments to verify that this has been fixed, but initial testing is promising. (Bug #1105)

  • Fixed an issue with cropping uploaded images and saving them to disk. This would sometimes result in comments on screenshots not displaying in the review. (Bug #1396, Bug #1490)

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Django 1.2 and newer versions of Djblets.

  • Fixed a breakage in Python 2.6 with saving the mail username and password fields.

  • Fixed a badly generated path in the search-cron.conf. rb-site was putting the wrong path in this file, making it unusable without modification. (Bug #1181)

  • Fixed an issue with displaying comment flags on consecutive lines. If two comments were placed on two consecutive lines, we would sometimes only show the first comment. Patch by Laurent Nicolas. (Bug #1377)

  • Fixed retrieving file contents in Bazaar when the file was moved in a previous revision. Patch by Kay Röpke. (Bug #1393)

  • Fixed an Index Out of Range error with Subversion when the last file in a diff is empty. Patch by Simon Morley. (Bug #1402)

  • We now strip the base directory field in the Upload Diff and New Review Request forms in order to prevent some confusing errors with leading/trailing spaces. (Bug #1451)


  • Christian Hammond

  • Kay Röpke

  • Laurent Nicolas

  • Simon Morley