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Review Board 4.0.11 Release Notes

Release date: September 29, 2022


New Features

  • Added debug logs for failed database upgrades.

    If there’s an issue upgrading the database, complete details will be logged to a file that can be used when contacting Beanbag Support to help diagnose and repair the issue.

  • Added new internal capabilities for repository configuration.

    This is mostly behind-the-scenes, but will enable support for new remote SSH access for Cliosoft SOS repositories.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance when communicating with repositories over SSH.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare data truncation issues in SSH communication.

    Depending on the operations being performed over SSH, it’s possible for a session to end before all data has been received. This would normally manifest as a visible error talking to a repository, rather than any kind of data loss.

    We haven’t had any reports of this, but have managed to trigger this behavior with some work we’ve been exploring.

  • Fixed issues with multiple commits in Mercurial.

    Posting multiple commits to a review request could cause issues with looking up modified files in the diff, due to some state being ignored during processing.

    Patch by Valentin Bartenev.

  • Fixed a crash in rb-site when running in a pseudo-terminal that claims a width of 0.

    Patch by Werner Damman.

  • Fixed a precision error that could occur in API rate limiting.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Michelle Aubin

  • Valentin Bartenev

  • Werner Damman