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Review Board 2.0.21 Release Notes

Release date: December 4, 2015

Django Security Notice

Django 1.6.x is no longer maintained by the Django project, and will no longer be receiving security fixes directly. Since we still depend on this version, and will have users depending on it for years to come, we’re maintaining our own unofficial branch and handling all backports of security fixes to Django.

We highly recommend installing Django which contains all current Django security fixes, and will be continuing to release new versions as security vulnerabilities are discovered.

We cannot automatically install this yet, due to restrictions in pip, so you’ll need to be sure to upgrade manually for now.

We’ll continue to provide this notice for all affected releases of Review Board until we are able to auto-install the appropriate version of Django.

Please see our security announcement for instructions.

New Features

  • Added support for Perforce and Subversion repositories hosted on Assembla.

    Assembla offers source code and project management, and supports Perforce, Subversion, and Git repositories.

    Currently, their API prevents us from supporting Git repositories, but Subversion and Perforce repositories are supported. It can also be configured to link bugs to your Assembla project’s bug tracker.

  • The “Fix it, then Ship It!” state is now shown in e-mail notifications. (Bug #3904)

    This makes it easy to see at a glance that an e-mail has issues remaining, but is approved for shipping by that reviewer once those issues are fixed. It’s also useful for filtering e-mails.

    Patch by Sherman Cheung.

  • Extra data for review groups can be edited in the administration UI. (Bug #3738)

    The administration UI now allows the extra_data field for a review group to be edited. This is where extensions and clients of the API can store custom state. Most other types of objects (such as reviews and review requests) allowed this information to be edited already.

    Patch by Adriano Arce.


  • Groups of fields on the right-hand side of a review request now contain element IDs.

    This allows extensions to hide entire sections of fields from the UI without actually having to unregister fields, giving them more control of how that information is rendered.

    Each <thead> on the right-hand side now has an ID in the form of fieldset_fieldsetID_head, and each <tbody> now has an ID in the form of fieldset_fieldsetID_body.

    Patch by Byron Jones.

  • The RB.ReviewRequest() JavaScript model now contains reviewer approval information.

    This model now contains approved and approvalFailure attributes, which can be used by extensions to find out whether the review request has been approved for landing, or the reasons it hasn’t.

Bug Fixes


  • Group pages now show the group’s display name, and not the group ID.

    Patch by Kristina Vandergulik.


  • New review e-mails no longer go out to reviewer if the “Get e-mail notifications for my own activity” setting is turned off. (Bug #3985)

    If a user had this setting turned off and then created a review request that had a review group containing both themselves and another user already listed as a target reviewer, and then reviewed their own review request, they’d receive the e-mail.

  • E-mails containing comments on images now point to the correct absolute URL. (Bug #3944)

    Patch by Daniel Arteaga.

New Review Request Page

  • Default reviewers are now applied when posting an existing commit for review. (Bug #3900)

    Patch by Xutong Liu.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed browser caching issues when viewing interdiffs. (Bug #3993)

    Updating an existing draft diff and then viewing its interdiff failed to take the new diff’s information into account when sending the caching headers. This resulted in the browser showing the old diff, until the cache was cleared.

  • Fixed an internal issue where some state could be missing when looking up files from a repository on a hosting service.

    If a hosting service implementation made use of additional information to locate a file, and talked to the repository directory instead of through an API, it would fail to retain that information when talking to the repository.

    Patch by Dan Minor.

Review Requests

  • Fixed modifying review requests containing circular dependencies. (Bug #3955)

    It was possible before to get review requests into a broken state where both depend on each other, and any update made to the review request would result in a HTTP 500 error. We’ve reworked all this to prevent such breakages when using the web UI.

    We still don’t recommend allowing two review requests to depend on each other.

  • Discarded review requests listed in the Depends On field are now shown with a strikethrough. (Bug #3758)

    This matches the display of review requests closed as submitted.

    Patch by Yorie Nakayama.


  • Removed a hard-coded default for fetching a diff for a commit.

    Posting existing commits for review now works once again with locally-hosted GitLab installs.

  • Fixed posting existing commits with empty commit messages for review.

    Patch by Brett Kochendorfer.


  • SSH-based repository paths that contain an invalid port number now show a meaningful error. (Bug #3891)

    Previously, providing an invalid port number would result in a cryptic, hard-to-diagnose error message. The new error explains exactly what’s wrong.

    Patch by Justin Wu.


  • Fixed errors that could occur when trying to upgrade MySQL databases.

    This release depends on a newer version of Django Evolution, the module we use to handle database migrations. It fixes an upgrade bug that could result in some people experiencing failures prior to performing an upgrade to the database, which would not break the database but would prevent an upgrade.


  • Adriano Arce

  • Barret Rennie

  • Brett Kochendorfer

  • Byron Jones

  • Christian Hammond

  • Chronicle Yu

  • Dan Minor

  • Daniel Arteaga

  • David Trowbridge

  • Justin Wu

  • Kristina Vandergulik

  • Sherman Cheung

  • Xutong Liu

  • Yorie Nakayama