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Review Board 1.0.9 Release Notes

Release date: June 5, 2010

Compatibility Changes

  • Review Board 1.0.9 works better with Django 1.2 out of the box and fixes some compatibility problems with database migration.

  • Switched to using python-memcached instead of cmemcache. (Bug #1446)

    cmemcache has been discontinued and is no longer supported. We’ve switched to python-memcached, which is a pure Python interface to memcached. python-memcached can run on any system that Review Board supports, and Review Board will actually install it for you.

Bugs Fixed

  • The old database migration scripts that used to be used for database migration have been fixed up to work again. These can be useful when transitioning from one type of database to another (such as from SQLite to MySQL).

  • rb-site now handles installing into empty directories. (Bug #1468)

    Previously, using rb-site install on an empty directory would cause an error, requiring that the user first removes the directory. It was easy to get into this case if installation previously failed for one reason or another.

  • Fixed Subversion keyword collapsing to not break with unterminated keywords. (Bug #1523)

    If an unterminated keyword (such as $Id: instead of $Id$ or $Id:$) appeared in a file being patched, it would result in a breakage during patch. We now assume that this is not a keyword if it contains a newline before any final $. Patch by Masakazu Hamaji.

  • Fixed the Starred Groups page in the Dashboard. (Bug #1539)

  • Fixed some issues with syntax highlighting and UTF-8 characters in the diff viewer. (Bug #1541)

    Pygments, the library responsible for syntax highlighting, assumed that all files being processed were latin-1 encoding. We now force it to UTF-8. Patch by Taro Muraoka.

  • Fixed linkified text for users that don’t own the review request. (Bug #1586)

    We were only linkifying text for users that could edit the review request. We now make sure to linkify for all users.

  • Fixed the Recenter Selected Chunk (Enter key) feature in the diff viewer.

    When pressing Enter to recenter the selected diff chunk, it would fail with a JavaScript error. Patch by Laurent Nicolas.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Laurent Nicolas

  • Masakazu Hamaji

  • Taro Muraoka