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Review Board 1.6 RC 1 Release Notes

Release date: June 23, 2011

New Features

  • Added generic file attachment. (Bug #239)

    Files of any type can now be uploaded to a review request and reviewed as a whole. This is useful for providing tarballs of non-diffable files, log files, unit test output, sample files, etc.

    Every uploaded file will appear on the review request page, with the ability to download or add a comment about the file.

    Comments made on files will appear in the review, just like diff and screenshot comments.

    Drag-and-drop upload support doesn’t yet exist, but the plan is to add it before release.

    The initial work for this feature was developed by Laila Agaev and then Steve Sutcliffe as part of their UCOSP projects this year.

  • Added support for private profiles. (Bug #2127)

    On a public Review Board server, users may not want their name and e-mail address to be easily accessed on their profile page or through the API. Users can now go to their My Account page and make their profile private.

    When a profile is private, the only users who can see the profile information are the site administrators and the user owning the profile.

    Patch by Hongbin Lu.

  • Added support for private GitHub Organizations.

    The Repository page in the administration UI now provides a Hosting Service entry for private GitHub Organizations. This differs from the other GitHub entries in that it requires the username used to access files on that repository, rather than assuming the hosting owner account or organization name is used.

  • New review request notifications are now reflected in the page icon.

    The page icon now shows a little green indicator overlaying the Review Board icon when there’s an update notification on the screen. This makes it easier to keep track of any changes to review requests when several tabs are open.

  • The “Discarded” and “Submitted” labels in the dashboard views now have their own distinct colors. Patch by Vlad Filippov. (Bug #1903)

  • The Review Request Updated e-mails now clearly show when the summary, rather than the description, was changed. Patch by Philipp Henkel.

Performance Enhancements

  • Sped up the rendering of the New Review Request page.

    The New Review Request page generated far too many database queries when displaying the list of repositories. It would query once per entry. With hundreds of repositories, this would slow down the page and the server.

    This has been drastically sped up and now performs much faster with large lists.

  • The rendering of syntax highlighting in diffs is now faster.

    We switched to requiring Pygments 1.4, which offers speed improvements when generating the syntax highlighting in our diffs. This upgrade also adds support for new file types. The list can be found on their website.

  • Reduced queries when looking up SCMTools in the database.

    We now cache lookups to SCMTools (the components responsible for talking to repositories), reducing the amount of queries that need to be made on each page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when attempting to show a changeset-related error during the creation of a review request. (Bug #2088)

  • Fixed a page breakage where a user profile was incorrectly assumed to exist when viewing a review request. (Bug #2111)

  • Clear Case wasn’t properly recognizing brand new files. Patch by Jan Koprowski.

  • Fixed a Python 2.4 compatibility problem in Clear Case. Patch by Jan Koprowski.

  • Fixed a breakage with Internet Explorer that was introduced in 1.6 beta 2. (Bug #2005)

    The breakage was preventing many pages, including the review request page, from at all operating on Internet Explorer and possibly other browsers.

  • Fixed a rare crash in rb-site on the memcached server location page.

    On rare occasions, the memcached server location page in the rb-site installation wizard would crash due to an invalid variable access. Patch by Alexander Solovets.

  • Fixed an inconsistent recommendation in rb-site. (Bug #2113)

    rb-site was recommending both mod_python and wsgi on the same page. Now it just recommends wsgi.

  • Fixed possible problems if a .ssh/authorized_keys file contained a bad line. This is a rare problem, and only happened if hand-editing the file.

  • The new Quick Search results list no longer appears off-screen.

  • The log file no longer spews file locations on every new web server worker thread/process unless the log level is set to DEBUG. This was filling up log files with near useless information on production systems.

  • Public servers not running in DEBUG mode would cause any HTTP 400 errors to e-mail the administrator.

Internal Changes

  • Review Board now depends on Django 1.3.


  • Alexander Solovets

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Hongbin Lu

  • Jan Koprowski

  • Laila Agaev

  • Philipp Henkel

  • Steve Sutcliffe

  • Vlad Filippov