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Review Board 2.0.14 Release Notes

Release date: March 9, 2015


  • This release requires Django 1.6.10 or higher.

    Django 1.6.10 provides a number of critical security updates that are beneficial to all servers.

New Features

  • Plain text e-mails now show the line numbers commented on. (Bug #3739)

    When viewing a plain text e-mail, we now show the line or line range for every comment, making it easier to map a comment to a particular part of the diff.

    Patch by Wang Jun Sun.

Usability Improvements

  • When clicking View Diff, the resulting URL now includes the diff revision.

    By including the revision number in the URL, it’s easy to copy/paste the URL and guarantee the contents won’t change.

    The previous default of /r/<id>/diff/ still exists and can be used to link to the latest URL.

    Based on work by Jessica Qian.


  • Validate Diff List Resource now supports specifying a base_commit_id field, needed for certain Git hosting services.

  • Validate Diff List Resource no longer inadvertently stores validated diff data in the database.

  • Session Resource now includes a “delete” link when authenticated, for clearing the session.

  • Change Resource no longer fails displaying changes that update the review request status.

  • Fixed numerous API caching issues.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed handling of Unicode characters in Active Directory group names. (Bug #3774)

  • Fixed errors with e-mail subjects containing certain Unicode errors. (Bug #3784)

  • Fixed a Unicode issue when reporting errors loading SCM support modules in some locales.

  • Fixed the log viewer when the log contained umlauts.


  • Fixed some problems creating or upgrading Review Board sites on Windows servers. (Bug #3787, Bug #3788)

    Patch by Stefan Seeger.

  • Fixed opening local Git repositories on Windows servers. (Bug #3790)

    Patch by Stefan Seeger.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed a 1 pixel visual glitch at the bottom of diffs.

  • Fixed a regression where the Open Issue checkbox was always checked by default.

    The user option to disable opening checkboxes by default was being ignored in one case, due to some recent work on this code.

  • Fixed the Back button when loading the diff viewer.

  • Fixed navigating between multiple pages in the diff viewer.

  • Fixed crashes when specifying an invalid page number for pagination.

File Attachments

  • Added some more bullet-proofing when parsing bad mimetypes for file attachments. (Bug #3792)

Review Requests

  • Unpublished draft review requests can no longer be marked as submitted.

    Patch by Chenxi Ni.

  • Fixed displaying error messages when comment diff fragments failed to load.

  • Line numbers in comment diff fragments no longer appear to be clickable when hovering over them.

  • Fixed errors when publishing drafts that indicated that no changes were made, or that previously-invalid values were still invalid.

Documentation Changes


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Jessica Qian

  • Sihang Chen

  • Stephen Gallagher

  • Tran Nguyen

  • Wang Jun Sun