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Review Board 1.6.15 Release Notes

Release date: December 16, 2012

Upgrade Notes

  • To upgrade to this release, make sure you specify the version when running easy_install. For example:

    sudo easy_install ReviewBoard==1.6.15

    Otherwise, you will end up with a 1.7.x release.

New Features

  • Added support for p4api 12.2. This won’t break existing setups, but new users who install the P4PythonInstaller package will use the new support. This allows Perforce support on MacOS X.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed stale caching of issue statuses in review requests. (Bug #2645)

  • Fixed a bug that caused counts in the dashboard to be incorrect.

  • The “Raw file URL mask” field for Git repositories wasn’t displaying anymore. Patch by Lance Chen. (Bug #2822)

  • Fixed the URLs for settings pages on the sidebar in the administration UI when on a subdirectory install.

  • Fixed the display of extra whitespace in the diff viewer.

  • Fixed default raw paths for Gitorious repositories to accommodate their latest URLs.

  • Some settings in the administration UI weren’t showing the correct values, due to a load order issue. Patch by Raja Venkataraman. (Bug #2814, Bug #2787)

  • Fixed a broken link in the site installer. Patch by Manu Cupcic.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Lance Chen

  • Manu Cupcic

  • Raja Venkataraman