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Review Board 5.0.2 Release Notes

Release date: February 7, 2023


Review Board 5.0.2 is compatible with Python 3.7-3.11.

Follow our installation guide to prepare your system for Review Board or to upgrade your existing install.

To install this release, run:

$ pip3 install ReviewBoard==5.0.2

To learn more, see:


New Features

  • Improved expiration controls for API tokens.

    In addition to expiring on specific dates, tokens can now be set to expire at specific times. This is useful when creating short-lived tokens or ones that need to expire at, say, midnight on a given date.

    The expiration dates/times for existing tokens can also be changed after token creation, and can be set in the past to force a token to be expired.

  • Enabled support for extension-managed ACL controls for diffs.

    Since Review Board 4.0.5, extensions have been able to control access to specific files shown in diffs, making use of in-house access control policies. This required opting into a custom setting.

    This setting is now enabled for all installs.

    See the FileDiffACLHook documentation for usage and an example using p4 protect.

  • Added options for customizing Trojan Source detection.

    Review Board 5 brought the ability to scan uploaded diffs for possible Trojan Source attacks. Since these are based on Unicode characters from a variety of languages, they can result in false-positives when working with character sets such as Cyrillic.

    Now, Trojan Source detection can be toggled off in Admin UI -> Diff Viewer Settings. Specific languages/character sets can also be excluded from the checks.

  • Added default values for maximum diff sizes and max lines for syntax highlighting on new installs.

    The Diff Viewer settings allow you to control the maximum file size of any diffs that are uploaded, and the maximum number of lines allowed for syntax highlighting. These can be important for performance, and making sure diffs remain reviewable by humans (who can’t easily review changes that are megabytes in size).

    These defaults apply only to new installs, but can be set manually:

    • Max diff size in bytes: 2097152 (2MB)

    • Max lines for syntax highlighting: 20000


  • Improved our built-in list of URI templates.

    URI templates provide quick and easy access to various API resources, allowing a client to determine the appropriate URL simply by accessing the root resource and looking up the desired template name.

    In Review Board 5, we had some new resources that conflicted with other ones. We’ve now fixed this to use the original names.

    These conflicting URI template names have been deprecated, and we’ve introduced a whole new set of future-proofed URI template names.

    See Root List Resource for the full list of new, existing, and deprecated URI templates.


  • Improved the display of the help icons in various forms.

    The icons are now a bit larger and show up as blue, helping to differentiate them from other text on the page.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a crash uploading diffs on some SCMs when parent diffs introduce new files. (Bug #4988)

    Based on a fix by Ben Jackson.

  • Fixed the default state of the “Show Extra Whitespace” button for diffs.

    The button to show trailing whitespace was sometimes being initialized incorrectly. It will now always show the proper state.

  • Fixed potential crashes when redirecting to bugs or viewing information on bugs.

    These URLs could crash if accessed on review requests without an associated repository, causing unwanted error e-mails.

  • Added additional mimetypes for text-based file attachments.

    Some alternative JSON and YAML file attachments were not being recognized correctly, preventing them from being reviewed as text files. Review Board now recognizes all alternative mimetypes for these files.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to upgrade from Review Board 2.5 or older.

    If you’ve encountered this problem, please upgrade Review Board and try the database upgrade again.

  • Fixed a crash when showing error logs from failed upgrades.


  • Ben Jackson

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Michelle Aubin