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Review Board 1.7.17 Release Notes

Release date: November 5, 2013

Security Fixes

This release fixes a couple crucial XSS vulnerabilities. We recommend that everyone upgrade their installs immediately. Special thanks to Frederik Braun from Mozilla for reporting these to us.

If you discover any security vulnerabilities, please report them to security@reviewboard.org.

  • Fixed XSS vulnerabilities for the Branch field and uploaded file captions. (CVE-2013-4519)

    It was possible to construct captions for uploaded files and construct a Branch field where the content would be interpreted as HTML.

  • Added a X-Frame-Options header to prevent clickjacking.

    This header tells modern browsers that Review Board cannot be displayed in a frame. While not a security “fix,” it’s a useful prevention against clickjacking.

New Features

  • Remove the need for SSH keys for GitHub repositories.

    GitHub repositories no longer need SSH keys, simplifying the configuration process. Previously, an SSH key had to be configured both on Review Board and for the user configured to access the GitHub repositories.

    This is no longer the case. An out-of-the-box install without an SSH key will now properly work with any GitHub repository.

  • Improved validation for GitHub repositories.

    Review Board wasn’t very helpful when failing to add GitHub repositories, often showing “Repository not found” errors.

    Now it will show detailed, meaningful errors when things go wrong.

  • Added support for permissions on Local Sites.

    Local Sites now support permissions. While there’s currently no UI for setting these, it is possible to modify a LocalSiteProfile.permissions dictionary to set them.

    Administrators of Local Sites now have all permissions relevant to that Local Site, meaning they can edit or close/reopen review requests.

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced query counts on all pages.

  • Reduced query counts in the web API when returning empty lists.


  • Extensions using the configure_extension view an now pass in a custom template_name pointing to a template for the configuration page, if it needs additional customization.

  • Enabling, disabling or reconfiguring extensions will now invalidate the caches for pages, ensuring that hooks will take affect.

  • Extension configuration now works properly on subdirectory installs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed showing private review requests on a submitter page.

  • The description for submitted or discarded review requests is now shown on the diff viewer. (Bug #2913)

  • Discarding, reopening and then closing a review request no longer makes the review request private. (Bug #3103)

  • Fixed a naming conflict with older PyCrypto packages, such as the default package on CentOS 6.4. (Bug #3110)

  • Users with the can_change_status permission no longer need the can_edit_reviewrequest permission in order to close or reopen review requests.

  • Switching a repository from using a hosting service to Custom no longer reverts back to the hosting service.

  • Fixed editing a repository if its associated hosting service can’t be loaded (such as if an extension providing that hosting service is disabled).

  • Many diff validation errors weren’t being shown on the New Review Request page, generating 500 errors instead.

  • Fixed caching issues with the Blocks field on review requests.

  • Editing JSON text fields in the administration UI now works, validates, and won’t result in warnings in the log.

  • Fixed breakages with looking up URLs internally with Local Sites.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Frederik Braun

  • Garrett Cooper

  • Stephen Gallagher