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Review Board 2.5.4 Release Notes

Release date: April 13, 2016

New Features

  • Added a field on the settings page for configuring the static media URL.

    This is useful if offloading the static media to a CDN or another dedicated server.

  • Added information on the support level and status of any active support contracts in the administration dashboard.

  • Added logging of access attempts on Local Sites when the requesting user doesn’t have access. (Bug #3108)

    This helps with security audits on sites partitioned using Local Sites.

    Patch by Minh Le Hoang.

  • Added logging of access attempts on the API when the requesting user doesn’t have access. (Bug #3108)

Usability Improvements

  • Improved the styling of the mobile menu.

    The menu no longer contains indentation for items in a section, providing more room and consistency. There’s also less wasted space above the first section.

  • Individual bug IDs in the dashboard no longer wrap, making it easier to read bug IDs on certain types of trackers. (Bug #4376)


  • Added compatibility with extensions packages as Python Wheels.

  • Added support for extension-provided JavaScript unit tests.

    Extensions can now declare JavaScript unit test files in a "tests" bundle. These tests will run automatically when accessing http://<server>/js-tests/extensions/ on a development server.

    JSExtension classes aren’t initialized automatically on this page. Test suites are responsible for initializing them if needed.

  • The review_request_closed signal now sends the closed description and whether it’s in rich text.


Bug Fixes

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed filenames on interdiffs when the filenames have been renamed multiple times. (Bug #4156)

    If a file has been renamed more than once between a set of revisions, the filenames shown in the diff viewer would be incorrect. This has been changed to better represent the correct names.

    Patch by Adriano Arce.

  • Fixed the display of tooltips for the diff complexity icons.

    Patch by Griffin Myers.

  • Fixed the Reply link for existing comments in the comment dialog. (Bug #4049).

    Depending on the comment, the link would sometimes point nowhere, making this far less than useful.

    Patch by Israel Madueme.

Review Requests

  • Users configured as default reviewers are no longer added to review requests if they’ve been marked as inactive.

    Patch by Griffin Myers.

  • Deleting file attachments that haven’t been made public no longer keeps the files around in storage. (Bug #4054)

    Patch by Weijie Sun.

New Review Request Page

  • Fixed a regression in selecting the default branch for the list of commits.

User Page

  • Fixed links to the lists of user’s review requests and reviews when on a Local Site.


  • Fixed stale caches for file lookups after changing the Raw File URL mask for a repository. (Bug #4051)

    Patch by Kevin Chiu.


  • Added compatibility with stunnel version 4 for Perforce.

    stunnel is used for securely sending traffic to another Perforce server. We’ve had support for stunnel version 3, which didn’t work with version 4.

    We’ve added support for working with both version 3 and version 4. This shouldn’t require any changes to existing setups.

  • Fixed infinite loops attempting to find an unused port when using stunnel on MacOS X.


  • Fixed Unicode errors with non-ASCII passwords on Subversion servers. (Bug #4369)

    Patch by Jim Hagan.

  • Fixed fetching contents from Subversion repositories configured on Beanstalk.


  • Fixed configuring webhooks with multiple events or no events.


  • Fixed auto-updating the static media and uploaded media paths when changing the location of a site directory.


  • Adriano Arce

  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Griffin Myers

  • Israel Madueme

  • Jim Hagan

  • Kevin Chiu

  • Minh Le Hoang

  • Weijie Sun