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Review Board 2.0.2 Release Notes

Release date: June 12, 2014

This release contains all bug fixes and features found in Review Board version 1.7.26.

Security Fixes

  • Fixed an XSS issue in the diff viewer and file attachments with user real names.

    A user could set their real name to text including </script> to take advantage of an XSS bug on the diff viewer and file attachment pages.

    This was actually fixed in Djblets 0.8.3, but this is the first release of Review Board to explicitly require a release with those fixes.

    This is CVE-2014-3994 (discovered by “Uchida”).

New Features

  • Added per-user options for choosing whether to receive e-mail.

    Users can now toggle whether they want to receive e-mail from review requests or reviews. By default, all users will receive e-mail as before, but users may decide to turn this off.

    Note that this only applies when e-mails are being directly sent to the user. If the e-mail is going to a mailing list that the user is subscribed to, they’ll still see it.

  • Administrators can now choose the desired Subversion backend.

    Review Board 2.0 shipped with two possible backends for Subversion: PySVN and Subvertpy. Subvertpy has the advantage of being easy_install-able, but compared to PySVN it is relatively new and unstable. If installed, Subvertpy would take precedence, even if it was an old, broken version.

    PySVN is the new default, if installed, but this can be changed by overriding SVNTOOLS_BACKENDS in settings_local.py, setting it to a list containing the desired backend class. This defaults to:


Performance Improvements

  • Improved the response time for many APIs.

    Most of the API provided by Review Board involves access to the database. In some case, a single request would access the same data in the database more than once. We now do a better job of caching this data, reducing the amount of time the API spends talking to the database.

  • Massively sped up search indexing.

    It’s now much faster when rebuilding or updating the search index, using the newer rebuild_index or update_index management commands.

    This is especially true when passing the --age=<hours> argument to update_index, which previously was unused.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a breakage if a cookie for the domain was stored with invalid URL escaping. (Bug #3387)

    If there was any cookie set by another service or by an extension that had invalid URL escaping, such as foo=%%, then our JavaScript code would fail to load any cookies we needed. This was fixed by upgrading to a newer build of jquery.cookie.

    Patch by Abhishek Mukherjee.

  • Standardized on “e-mail” for user-visible text.

    We had some strings that were saying “e-mail” and some that were saying “email”. We now standardize on “e-mail”.

  • Fixed issues with resetting user passwords. (Bug #3395)

New Review Request Page

  • Commits are now properly filtered by branch on Subversion repositories. (Bug #3401)

  • Branches containing forward-slashes (/) are now properly listed on GitHub repositories.

Review Requests

  • Clicking Download Diff now attempts to trigger a download instead of viewing the diff inline. (Bug #3384)

    Patch by Brett Randall.

  • Publishing two consecutive replies to a review no longer causes the draft banner to remain on the page.

  • Fixed clicking links in editable multi-line text fields, such as the Description and Testing Done fields. (Bug #3377)

    Patch by Thom Gerdes.

  • Fixed selecting text in editable multi-line text fields, such as the Description and Testing Done fields, without causing the editor to open.

    Patch by Thom Gerdes.


  • Fixed an error with the security checklist when denied access to potentially dangerous files. (Bug #3368)

    If the web server was configured to disallow access to a file type that we were checking for in the list of unsafe files, the security checklist would break. Instead, it now considers that a successful result, since it’s locked down.

  • Fixed a padding issue at the top of every page’s content area in the Administration UI.

  • The Encodings field in the repository settings page now strips whitespace.

    It was possible to unintentionally add whitespace to this field, which would break things when attempting to apply the encoding.

  • Fixed breakages when invalid encodings are specified in a repository’s Encodings field. (Bug #3399)


  • Fixed fetching of files that existed in the base commit but not a parent diff.

    When posting a patch with a parent diff, the patch could reference revisions that existed only in the parent diffs, preventing Review Board from properly fetching the file from the repository. We now fall back to fetching the file from the base commit ID.

    This requires posting through RBTools or supplying a base_commit_id value in the API when posting a diff.

    Patch by Bruce Cran.


  • Fixed regressions in accessing HTTPS-based repositories. (Bug #3317)

    PySVN and the newer Subvertpy backend had various issues in configuring a HTTPS-based repository and accessing it, resulting in different errors or other bad behavior. This should now work smoothly again.

  • Fixed some consistency issues in results between the PySVN and Subvertpy backends.

  • Subvertpy is no longer used if it’s older than version 0.9.1, for compatibility reasons.


  • Abhishek Mukherjee

  • Brett Randall

  • Bruce Cran

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Thom Gerdes