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Review Board 3.0 RC 1 Release Notes

Release date: November 6, 2017

This release contains all bug fixes and features from Review Board version 2.5.16.


To install this release, run the following:

$ sudo pip install \
    -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/Djblets/1.0/ \
    -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/3.0/ \
    -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/rbintegrations/0.5/ \
    --pre -U ReviewBoard


$ sudo easy_install \
    -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/Djblets/1.0/ \
    -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/3.0/ \
    -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/rbintegrations/0.5/ \
    -U ReviewBoard

If you are planning to upgrade to Review Board 3.0.0, we recommend installing 3.0 RC 1 on a test server, as the final 3.0.0 release is expected to be similar to 3.0.

We do not recommend upgrading a production server with this version of Review Board, however.

New Features

  • Support for Slack, Travis-CI, and CircleCI integrations are now enabled by default.

    In previous betas, the Integration extension providing this support had to be enabled manually. Now, on any new upgrades to 3.0, the extension will be automatically enabled.

    If you’ve been using the 3.0 betas, you will still need to manually enable the extension.

  • Added server-side enforcement of issue verification.

    The new issue verification feature, introduced in 3.0 beta 2, temporarily was enforced only client-side. We’ve now added server-side support to ensure that users can’t get around verification.

  • Added issue verification information to the Review Request Infobox and Dashboard columns.

  • Added support for tracking symlinks to files in Git diffs.

    Symlink changes in diffs are now specially flagged, showing up in the diff viewer as a file modification with “symlink” text beside the file.

    Patch by Erik Johansson.

  • Switched to the GitHub Emoji set.

    This Emoji set is more familiar to a lot of users, and more consistent with other applications.

Usability Improvements

  • Improved high-DPI support throughout the UI.

    Review Board no longer temporarily loads low-resolution icons on modern browsers when using a high-DPI (such as a “Retina”) display, opting instead for higher-resolution graphics. When using screens that can make use of “@3x” graphics (such as some newer mobile phone screens and tablets), SVGs will be used to ensure crisp graphics.

  • Added smarter collapsing of reviews and other entries on the review request page.

    The default collapsed states for entries on the review request page have been improved, attempting to expand only if the entry is new or has new content that the user might want to see. Anything previously there when the user last visited the page defaults to being collapsed. The goal of this is to better help users focus on new discussions and new updates to review requests.

    We might tweak this further based on feedback. Please report any odd behavior you might encounter.

  • Changed Add Comment labels to Add General Comment in the review request action bar and review dialog.

  • Changed “Submitter” labels to “Owner” throughout the UI.

    As review request ownership can now change, these labels have been updated to better standardize on the term “owner” instead of “submitter.” This mainly affects the display of Dashboard columns, review request fields, and condition rules.

  • Removed dead space causing issues selecting columns in the datagrid column customization menus.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance when calculating highlighted regions in diffs.

  • Improved performance when rendering custom actions, navigating bar entries, and additional comment information from extensions.

  • Delayed calculation of OAuth2 scope lists to improve startup times on Review Board threads/instances.


  • Fixed a regression in the function signatures for e-mail hooks.

  • The entry boxes on the review request page now have proper template hook names for extensions.

    Patch by Erik Johansson.

  • Changed the interface for ReviewRequestPageEntry to have better access to page data and to improve how collapsed states are computed.

  • Renamed the to_submitter_only flag to to_owner_only on notification hooks and functions.


  • Added improved extra_data JSON modification via the API.

    Clients that need to modify extra_data on a resource can now set or modify structured data by making use of JSON Merge Patches or JSON Patches.

    JSON Merge Patches are a simple way of setting structured data by passing extra_data:json=<json data>, which will merge the new data into extra_data, adding any new dictionary values, overriding any lists, and deleting anything set to null.

    JSON Patches are a more complex way of running a set of operations on extra_data, which can add, delete, replace, move, or copy data.

    Both of these support private keys and any API access restrictions set by extensions.

  • The Search Resource no longer uses the search index if on-the-fly search indexing is not enabled.

    Beta 2 changed the resource to always use the index. The old behavior of querying the database is now used again when not using on-the-fly search indexing.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed hangs that could occur when updating counters for file attachments on review requests.


  • Fixed placement issues with the Review Request Infobox when hovering over summaries in the Dashboard.

  • Fixed interaction problems with infoboxes when moving the mouse onto and off of an infobox.

Review Requests

  • Fixed a regression when reviewing PDFs using Power Pack.

  • The Initial Status Updates entry is no longer shown as new with a blue border when first viewing the review request page.

  • Status updates are now ordered alphabetically, preventing them from jumping around as they update.

  • The Update -> Add File action now responds to clicks again. (Bug #4592)

    Patch by Nicholas Mercier.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Update -> Add File and encountering a server connection issue. (Bug #4467)

    Patch by Nicholas Mercier.

  • Fixed the display of the link icons besides entries.

  • Fixed visual issues in the Publish Review buttons.

  • Fixed incorrect counters being shown in the issue summary table after the table is updated from the server.


  • Fixed a crash when a user’s full name doesn’t include whitespace. (Bug #4489)

    Patch by Riley Creaghan.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Erik Johansson

  • Nicholas Mercier

  • Riley Creaghan