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Review Board 4.0 RC 2 Release Notes

Release date: April 14, 2021

Please see the 4.0 beta 1, 4.0 beta 2, and 4.0 RC 1 release notes for general information and upgrade notes.

These release notes show changes since RC 1.


To install this release, run the following:

$ sudo pip install \
    --trusted-host downloads.reviewboard.org \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/4.0/ \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/rbintegrations/2.0/ \
    --pre -U ReviewBoard


$ sudo easy_install \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/4.0/ \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/rbintegrations/2.0/ \
    -U ReviewBoard


If this is a new install on Python 2.7, please use pip, as support for easy_install is going away.

pip is required for Python 3.


We do not recommend upgrading a production server with this version of Review Board. It’s best to install on a test server, with a copy of your production database, in case there are any major problems.


  • bcrypt is capped to < 3.2 on Python 2.7.

  • pyparsing is capped to 2.4.x on Python 2.7.

Security Fixes

This release fixes a XSS vulnerability in Markdown rendering, which could allow an attacker to craft a link that executes arbitrary JavaScript code when clicked.

The attacker would need to be someone who already has legitimate access to your server, and can perform reviews or otherwise access your code.

We recommend that everyone (especially those running public servers) upgrades to address this vulnerability, though the seriousness of the issue will vary from company to company.

Thanks to Matt S. for the security report.

Removed Features

  • Removed the old dumpdb and loaddb management commands.

    These weren’t compatible with the version of Django used for Review Board 4.0, and were often misused. We recommend that people use their database’s own SQL dump/load tools to move databases.

    We’re working on a tool for obtaining structured dumps of the database and performing database imports, merges, and moving between different types of databases. This will be available as a free feature in Power Pack.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an invisible Publish Review button at the top of a review request page.

    This could be accidentally clicked, creating empty reviews.

  • The styling for inline code literals (text surrounded by backticks) in Markdown text fields now looks the same whether editing or viewing text.

    This has been a long-standing issue since the introduction of Markdown support. We’ve finally made this consistent.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Matt S