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Review Board 1.7.12 Release Notes

Release date: July 28, 2013

Security Fixes

This release contains security updates to better lock down Review Board from malicious users.

There are no known vulnerabilities in the wild for these issues, but we recommend upgrading immediately.

  • Function names in diff headers are no longer rendered as HTML. Patch by Damian Johnson. (Bug #2612)

  • If a user’s full name contained HTML, the Submitters list would render it as HTML, without escaping it. This was an XSS vulnerability. (CVE-2013-4795)

  • The default Apache configuration is now more strict with how it serves up file attachments. This does not apply to older installations. To update your configuration, and to read best practices, read our guide on securing file attachments.

  • Uploaded files are now renamed to include a hash, preventing users from uploading malicious filenames, and making filenames unguessable.

  • Recaptcha support has been updated to use the new URLs provided by Google. This re-enables Recaptcha support when serving over HTTPS.

New Features

  • Added a X-ReviewRequest-Repository header for e-mails. This will list the name of the repository. Patch by Dan Tehranian.

Extension Improvements

  • Extensions can now specify their list of app directories.

    An Extension subclass can define an apps member variable that, like INSTALLED_APPS, lists the app module paths the extension uses. These will each be added to INSTALLED_APPS when enabled, and removed when disabled.

    If an extension does not provide apps, then this falls back on the default behavior of only adding the extension’s parent app.

  • Extensions can now specify the author’s URL.

    Extension.metadata can now specify an Author-home-page field, which points to the URL for the author’s site. This is meant to distinguish between the extension’s URL, and the URL for the person/company/organization that created the extension.

  • Improved the look and feel for extension configuration.

    The extension configuration pages now fit in with the admin UI a lot better. They share much of the look of other admin UI pages.

    Furthermore, when extensions are saved, there’s now feedback given to the user, instead of just simply re-rendering the page.

  • Improved the functionality for extension configuration.

    Extension configuration forms now contain all the functionality of SiteSettingsForm. This include fieldsets and save blacklists (which prevent a field from automatically being saved in the extension settings).

  • Improved the list of available extensions.

    The list no longer causes part of the extension description to be overlapped. It also shows the author of the extension, and links back to the author’s site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the “Show Whitespace Changes” toggle. (Bug #2941)

  • Fixed compatibility with modern versions of django-storages. Patch by Victoria Ponce.

  • Draft comments on file attachments are no longer shown to all users.

  • Fixed issues with console windows appearing when invoking Clear Case requests on Python 2.7.x and Windows 7. Patch by Nicolas Dély.

  • Review requests on Local Sites are now guaranteed to have the proper ID. Previously, this would fail in some circumstances.

  • Fixed starring review requests on Local Sites.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Damian Johnson

  • Dan Tehranian

  • David Trowbridge

  • Nicolas Dély

  • Victoria Ponce