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Review Board 3.0.12 Release Notes

Release date: January 29, 2019


Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of some API resources.

    We’ve started on a larger initiative to improve database performance across the API. This release reduces the SQL queries on several resources (in particular, the Review Request Draft Resource, in terms of the number of statements, the complexity of queries, and the amount of data read or written. Upcoming releases will build upon this work to further improve API performance.

  • Improved performance when publishing review requests.

  • Improved performance when using the “Review Participants” condition rule for integrations.

  • Improved performance when validating and saving repositories.

  • Reduced SQL queries across the product.

    We’ve identified a number of places in the product where we were unintentionally fetching data from the database. While most queries were small, they could add up on heavily-used servers.

    As with the API work above, this is part of a multi-release effort to speed up the product when used on higher-latency connections or with large numbers of users.

API Changes

  • Reduced the changes of conflicts from concurrent POST requests to the Review Request Draft Resource.

    Multiple requests to change data on the same draft from different clients could cause one client to override information from another. This has been reworked to minimize the data written to the database and to also reduce the chances of an empty extra_data being written when one client is modifying the data and another is publishing.

  • The Repository Resource now archives repositories in response to a HTTP DELETE.

    Now, when performing HTTP DELETE, the repository will be archived, just as if it was “deleted” in the administration UI. This allows a new repository to be created with the same name or path.

    This also replaces the now-deprecated archive_name=1 argument for HTTP PUT.

  • Rewrote the Repository Resource for better consistency with the admin UI’s repository form.

    The new resource is compatible with the old one, but with the benefits of better repository validation and consolidated logic. Future versions will introduce additional abilities that the old resource was lacking, including the ability to create repositories backed by hosting services.

  • Users with permission to view another user’s draft can now access that draft’s diff data in the Diff Context Resource.

    Patch by Joshua Olson.

Bug Fixes


  • Attempting to sort non-sortable columns no longer results in a crash. (Bug #4607)

    Patch by Jeff Cho.


  • Archived repository names are no longer prematurely truncated.

    Review Board 3.0.11 introduced longer repository name lengths, but archived names weren’t taking advantage of this. We no longer truncate down to the old length, but instead take advantage of the new maximum length for repository names.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Jeff Cho

  • Joshua Olson