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Djblets 1.0.9 Release Notes

Release date: January 29, 2019


  • Attempting to sort using a non-sortable column no longer results in a crash. (Bug #4607)

    Patch by Jeff Cho.


  • JSONField now accepts an initial dictionary or list value.

    This allows default data to be passed when using Model.objects.create() and other similar methods without having to first serialize to a JSON string.


  • Removed an unnecessary database write when enabling an extension.


  • Optimized the loading of fixtures when using TestCase.


  • Enhanced the capabilities of UpdateFormMixin.

    The mixin can now perform more of the heavy lifting of handling an API request, while also giving resources a large amount of control.

    It introduces handle_form_request(), which takes in the request data, instantiates a form, validates and saves it, and returns a success or error response, removing the need for resources to perform those steps.

    Several additional methods have been introduced to give resources control over this process. See the documentation for the mixin for details.


  • Christian Hammond
  • Jeff Cho