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Djblets 1.0.4 Release Notes

Release date: March 19, 2018


  • django-pipeline 1.6.14 is now the minimum required version.

  • The package can no longer be installed on Python 2.6 or on 3.x.

    Djblets 2.0 will support Python 3.x, and will be coming later this year.



  • Column rendering is now more careful to ensure labels are HTML-safe.

    This is not a security issue, as user-provided labels are not allowed, but it does prevent having to work around the issue when crafting labels using HTML-unsafe characters or when localizing content.


  • Fixed deadlock issues with RelationCounterField.

  • Fixed RelationCounterField not updating counters on all instances of the same model.

  • Fixed a problem tracking instances that could evaluate to False in RelationCounterField.

    This would impact instances that defined a __len__ or __nonzero__ and could result in bool(instance) returning False.

  • Split djblets.db.fields into submodules.

    Imports from djblets.db.fields will still work as they always have, but imports can also be made from the specific submodules.

  • Added bullet-proofing of values going into Base64Field.



  • Added Djblets.parseQueryString() for parsing query strings in URLs.
  • Added Djblets.buildURL() for building URLs based on a path, query string data, and anchors.


  • Barret Rennie
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge