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Djblets 0.6.4 Release Notes

Release date: September 14, 2010


  • An undefined variable error when using the Selenium test support has been fixed.


  • Added an augment_method_from() decorator for augmenting existing functions.

    This allows a subclass to augment a parent class’s function’s documentation and decorators. The existing decorators are automatically inherited. Where this becomes useful is where you have several classes that share common logic, but may need further restrictions or new documentation.

    The defined function is meant to have an empty body (or pass), but it can contain code wich will be executed after the parent function. No returned values will be used, however.


  • When serializing a dictionary in a webapi response into XML, we now properly serialize keys that are integers. They are serialized as <int value="...">.
  • Fixed a circular dependency that occured between resources.py, encoders.py, and core.py (depending on which was first imported).
  • The User resource now accepts a . in the username.
  • List-only resources now always have their get_list function called, regardless of whether it had list_child_resources defined.
  • Singleton resources (resources that exist as a single child item with no object list) must now have the singleton parameter set to True.
  • HTTP Accept mimetypes and ?api_format= are now supported properly for resources.
  • Specifying api_format in POST requests now works.
  • Resource classes instances can now be queried by class, using the get_resource_from_class() function.
  • Resource classes can now be introspected:
    • Functions can list which error classes the client can expect to receive using the @webapi_response_errors decorator. It can be queried using function.response_errors.
    • The list of fields that can or must be specified for HTTP GET/PUT/POST can now be queried. It can be queried using function.required_fields and function.optional_fields.
    • Usage of @webapi_login_required can now be checked by accessing function.login_required.
    • The list of fields on a resource should now be a dictionary, which can include a description of the field.
    • The custom links on a resource can now be explicitly listed by overriding the get_related_links function.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge