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Djblets 0.6.3 Release Notes

Release date: July 4, 2010


  • Fixed Selenium unit testing to properly skip the tests when the Selenium server was down.


  • Added utility functions for HTTP Accept-based content negotation.

    This adds new get_http_requested_mimetype() and get_http_accept_lists() functions for doing content negotiation using the HTTP Accept request header. This header allows clients to tell the server which mimetypes it accepts or explicitly forbids, based on priorities, so that the server can send the right data. This can allow a single URL to return various forms of data based on the client (HTML, PDF, JSON, etc.).

    The get_http_accept_lists() function parses the HTTP Accept request header and returns sorted lists of acceptable mimetypes and unacceptable mimetypes. These are sorted based on the priorities in the header.

    The get_http_requested_mimetype() function takes a HttpRequest and a list of supported mimetypes for that URL and then, based on the results of get_http_accept_lists() and the supported mimetypes, determines what mimetype the server should be using. If nothing is supported, it will return None, and the server is expected to return a HttpResponseNotAcceptable.


  • This adds some stuff to gravy to make sites work better on the iPhone/iPad versions of Safari. A new $.proxyTouchEvents function has been added, which causes touch screen events to be forwarded to existing mouse event handlers. It’s intended for basic use cases where multi-touch events really don’t need to be handled.
  • $.browser has been updated with a mobileSafari check, making it easier to determine whether we’re running on the iPhone/iPad.
  • A workaround for jQuery bug #6446 has been implemented, which basically fixes an issue with the result from $.offset() being incorrect.
  • Tooltips are disabled on iPhone/Pad, as they’re really not at all useful and their hover events manage to get in the way of other events.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge