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Djblets 0.8.6 Release Notes

Release date: July 14, 2014


  • The PYTHONPATH is no longer overridden when building the localization files

    Patch by Carlos Corrales.


Styles Changes

  • Config form boxes now have a box-foot CSS class, for additional styling. This goes along with the box-head and box-main classes.
  • The box titles now have a box-title CSS class.
  • The base template of a config page can now be specified by overriding ConfigPagesView.base_template_name.
  • Field rows that contain checkboxes, radio buttons, or a multi-select of checkboxes now have a checkbox-row CSS class.
  • The save buttons now have a btn CSS class.
  • Changed the styling for config form sub-sections to better align and separate from the rest of the box.

New Features

  • ListItemView() and TableItemView() subclasses can now define a getActionsParent() method for returning the element where actions should be placed.
  • ListView() and TableView() subclasses can now define a defaultItemView attribute for setting the view used by default for items.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display of form validation errors.
  • Fixed display of actions on Firefox.
  • Fixed vertical alignment of the spinner.
  • TableView() no longer assumes that a <tbody> is present on its element.
  • TableView() no longer uses TableItemView() by default. its element.
  • TableItemView() no longer places elements directly on the <tr>.
  • TableItemView() no longer has excess leading and trailing whitspace.


  • Middle-click or control-click to open links in new tabs now works on datagrid rows. (Bug #2521)


  • Extension media will now always be installed for the first time on new servers, even if the settings data incorrectly claims it’s been installed.

    This can happen if an administrator moves to a new server with an existing database, without copying over the old media.

  • Templates that replace the extensions/extension_list.html template can now override the extension_list_actions block to provide custom actions.

  • “Scan for new extensions” has been renamed to “Scan for installed extensions.”


  • Fixed log initialization on Windows.

    Patch by Carlos Corrales.


  • Added a template loader for conditional caching.

    The new conditional_cached template loader functions like Django’s cached loader, but does not cache if DEBUG is True. This helps a lot with development, since it’s no longer necessary to reload the server after modifying a template.

  • Added a new template loader for namespaced apps.

    The new namespaced_app_dirs template loader is like Django’s app_directories loader, but accepts an optional namespace prefix in the form of app.path:. If specified, the list of template directories will be limited to those owned by the given app path.


  • WebAPIBasicAuthBackend now plays nicely with other backends.

    This backend used to log failures if the Authorization header didn’t match the format it expected, instead of falling back on any other backend in the list.

  • WebAPIAuthBackend no longer assumes that the auth backend will require a username and password.

    It can now be used with any other type of data, such as tokens. This makes it more flexible and easier to extend in projects.

  • Authentication credentials are now logged, and sensitive information is masked.

  • Subclasses of WebAPIResource can now override call_method_view() to perform custom logic before calling the view for the HTTP method.

  • Fixed infinite recursions when expanding resources when the expanded resource references the primary resource. (Bug #3442)


  • Carlos Corrales
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge