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Djblets 0.7.9 Release Notes

Release date: January 27, 2013


  • modalBoxes now use z-indexes of 99 and 100 for the box and content, instead of 11000 and 11001.


  • Columns data by way of field access can now span field relationships. For example, some.other.object.field can now be used.

    Patch by Alexander Artemenko.


  • Fixed a failure when clearing extension info.

    Extensions that weren’t properly set up yet were causing a crash when attempting to reload the list of extensions.


  • When loading the stored timezone, we’re now longer setting os.environ['TZ'] to that timezone. Instead, we’re just activating that timezone for Django only.

    This works around some problems with auto-reload threads (which will still be on the default timezone instead of the loaded one) and importing certain Python eggs, which would end up causing file timestamps relative to different timezones. That would cause autoreload to kick in prematurely and break any spawned processes.


  • Fixed a bug where list resources that had an unknown ID in the URL could end up throwing an exception instead of returning a 404.

    Patch by Niklas Hambuechen.


  • Alexander Artemenko
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Niklas Hambuechen