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Djblets 0.9.1 Release Notes

Release date: February 21, 2016


If you use django-storages, make sure you’re using a recent version (we recommend 1.1.8 or newer), as 0.9 exposed a bug in earlier releases, which we have recently diagnosed.


  • Fix errors with datagrid sorting with trailing commas.

    Some search crawlers such as Bingbot can attempt to load a datagrid with a sort column list that had a trailing comma, causing a crash. This now filters out any invalid column names.


  • Added the ability to set custom settings data for JavaScript extensions.

    JavaScript extensions (those using JSExtension) used to output all of an extension’s stored settings into the page. Extensions that want to limit that data, or provide a custom set of extension settings data, can override this using JSExtension.get_settings.



  • Added support for serializing Django models to djblets.util.serializers.DjbletsJSONEncoder.

    Models which include a to_json() method can now be serialized using the basic encoder, which makes it easier to adapt models to WebAPI resources.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Weijie Sun