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Djblets 0.5.2 Release Notes

Release date: September 15, 2009


  • Added copyright and MIT license headers to all files.


  • inlineEditors now prevent the event from bubbling up when clicking their target element. This means that a target element inside of an <a href="..."> will no longer cause the page to change when clicking the element. (Bug #1221)


  • Deleted the password recovery code. It was intended for use in an old version of Django and has since been supplanted by Django. We don’t believe anyone is using it or should be encouraged to use it.


  • Added a Server Log view for administration UIs. This is used to display the server log (using the Python logging defaults from djblets.log). The log is filterable and sortable.
  • Exceptions are now logged when using LoggingMiddleware. When an exception occurs, the stack, username and URL are logged.


  • cache_memoize() will now always ensure that cache keys will never exceed the maximum key length. If the key is larger, an md5sum of the key is used instead. Patch by Thilo-Alexander Ginkel.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Thilo-Alexander Ginkel