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Djblets 0.8.22 Release Notes

Release date: September 13, 2015


The JavaScript side of the Config Forms support has gained a number of additions to help with extensibility:

  • Added events when showing/hiding action menus.

    Djblets.Config.ListItemView() now triggers actionMenuPopUp and actionMenuPopDown events when showing or hiding action menus.

  • Added class names for each row in a Djblets.Config.ListView().

    The rows for each action in a menu now have a class name corresponding to the action ID, to improve styling. The padding around the menu has also changed to be more consistent, so that, for example, an action can have a suitable border separating it and other actions.

  • Improved the display logic for action menus.

    Action menus no longer assumes the actions can fit on-screen when positioning the menu to align with the left of the action button. Instead, if there’s not enough room, the menu will be positioned to align with the right of the button.

  • Added property-based enabling/disabling of action.

    Action items in the menu can now be enabled/disabled based on a given property. This is helpful for having one action affect others, or to limit which actions can be toggled based on other computed state.


  • Added an install-extension-media management command for installing extension media.

    This will install the extension media for a site for all enabled extensions, or for the given extension ID (when using --extension-id).


  • Added a specialized version of assertRaisesMessage() that works with Python 2.7.10.

    Python 2.7.10 broke Django’s assertRaisesMessage(). We’ve worked around this to ensure any unit tests using TestCase can use this function without problems.


  • Barret Rennie
  • Christian Hammond