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Djblets 0.5 Alpha 2 Release Notes

Release date: February 3, 2009


  • We now include and require jQuery 1.3.1 and jQuery-ui 1.6rc5.
  • Added support for starting an inlineEditor in the opened state, and prevent animations when starting or forcing it to be open.
  • Disabled keypress propagation for inlineEditor. This fixes a bug in Review Board’s diff viewer (Bug #838).

djblets.gravatars (new)

  • Added basic support for gravatars. This provides a {% gravatars %} template tag for displaying a gravatar based on a User object. See http://www.gravatar.com/ for more information on Gravatars.


  • Added a {% include_as_string %} tag for including a template as a JavaScript string.

  • Added the ability to generate media and AJAX serial numbers based on the media files and template files. These can be appended to the media and AJAX URLs which, in combination with aggressive Expires headers, can drastically speed up load times of sites.

    See djblets.util.context_processors and djblets.util.misc.generate_cache_serials.


  • Set the mime type for JSON responses to application/json, except when responding to an upload, in which case text/plain is used.
  • Fixed a bug where WebAPIResponse._get_content was called too frequently and in some cases generated a 500 error.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge