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Djblets 0.6.9 Release Notes

Release date: July 21, 2011


  • Add optional first and last name fields to RegistrationForm.

  • Prevent occasional errors when calling delete_test_cookie().

    Sometimes validate_test_cookie() will work and then delete delete_test_cookie() will throw an error. If the test cookie is already gone from the session, we no longer care if it fails to be deleted.


  • Fixed an occasional crash due to id_list not being set. (Bug #1526)

  • Fixed an occasional rendering error caused by a None object being rendered.

  • Changing datagrid columns no longer loses the current page you’re on, or other view settings.

    Patch by Simon Wu.


  • Added a ifnotuserandperm template tag, which is the negation of ifuserandperm.

    Patch by Hongbin Lu.


  • Add support for browser-side caching of webapi resources.

    WebAPIResource now has a few new properties and methods for handling browser-side caching. Resources can handle Last Modified timestamps or ETags, and generate them either based on fields or through custom functions.

    This can speed up access to resources, improving performance both client-side and server-side.


  • Prompt when canceling a dirty inlineEditor by default. (Bug #2096)

    inlineEditor now prompts the user if they cancel via Escape or the Cancel button when the editor is dirty. The user has a chance to change his mind instead of just losing everything he wrote. This can be turned off per-inlineEditor.

  • Support Control-S for saving on inlineEditors. (Bug #1958)

    When editing a long block of text on an edit field, it’s handy to be able to save periodically. Now, pressing Control-S will trigger a save without closing the field.

    Patch by Hongbin Lu.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Hongbin Lu
  • Simon Wu