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Djblets 0.8.12 Release Notes

Release date: October 22, 2014


  • Added a cache backend that can forward to other cache backends.

    Applications that use djblets.siteconfig to configure the CACHES setting were foiled by a recent update in Django that ended up loading the cache framework before siteconfig had a chance to manipulate the settings. This new backend can be used to redirect cache backends at runtime.

  • Migrate away from deprecated names.

    The class for the Memcache cache backend changed, and the old one has been deprecated. The normalize_cache_backend() method will now migrate older settings to the new name.


  • Fixed SignalHook disconnection when unloading extensions.

    If an extension passed a sender into the SignalHook when connecting to a signal, it would fail to disconnect when the extension was unloaded.

    Patch by John Talling.


  • Improved the database query performance when querying list resources.


  • Improved the performance of dirty state calculations for the inlineEditor.

  • Improve $.autoSizeTextArea() with padded textareas and different fonts.


  • Christian Hammond

  • John Talling