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Djblets 0.6 Release Notes

Release date: May 11, 2010


  • Fixed rendering issues with columns in the datagrids.

    Adding columns to a datagrid would cause odd rendering issues. This was due to not including the ‘last’ flag (indicating the last column, in order to position the Edit Columns column properly) in the cache key. We now add the key, which allows the datagrid to render properly when adding or removing columns.

  • Fixed over-caching of columns.

    There were a couple bugs where Djblets cached the rendered columns too aggressively, causing links on cells to point to the wrong addresses and columns to render incorrectly based on previous loads. (Bug #1582)


  • Switched the logging setup code to use a WatchedFileHandler, which automatically reopens the log files for writing when they’re deleting (such as after log rotation).


  • Added the new djblets.testing module, which houses our old unit testing helpers from djblets.util.testing.
  • Added new Selenium test suite support for automated browser testing.


  • Added a new resource-based model for doing more RESTful APIs.

    This introduces a new class for easily creating RESTful URL resources that can handle standard HTTP methods and return meaningful data in a nicely constructed hierarchy.

    By using WebAPIResource, a site can offer a very clean set of URLs to work with any object.

    There’s a lot to this object, but it’s all covered in the extensive documentation in webapi/resources.py.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge