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Djblets 0.7 Release Notes

Release date: August 2, 2012


  • Djblets now requires Django 1.4.1+.
  • Added localized timezone awareness. Datagrids, log generation, and various utility functions now operate in the user’s pre-configured local timezone.
  • Djblets now uses Django’s standard static media support. It looks for bundled media files using the static support. Applications must have STATIC_URL, STATIC_ROOT, etc. configured correctly.


  • DateTimeColumn and DateTimeSinceColumn are now timezone-aware.


  • Added a framework for supporting loadable, configurable extensions in Django-based sites.

    Extensions can be used to augment the functionality of a webapp. Webapps can provide hooks in their codebase at any point they want to extend. These can come in the form of template hooks, URLs hooks, admin UI hooks, and other in-process hooks.

    A webapp will provide a single ExtensionManager, specifying the name of a Python setuptools entrypoint. This entrypoint will be scanned for any installed packages on the system that provide Extension subclasses. Integration in the Administration UI is provided by linking to the provided admin URLs.

    WebApps will typically only have a single ExtensionManager, but it is possible for it to have multiple ExtensionManagers, allowing different modules to provide their own extension mechanisms.

    Extensions themselves can depend on other extensions. Dependency resolution happens automatically when enabling extensions.

    Extensions also have easy support for configuration forms in the admin UI. All data is automatically loaded and stored in the database.

    This is an experimental feature, and at this point we are not guaranteeing compatibility between 0.7.x releases. 0.8 will have a stable API.


  • ModificationTimestampField, http_date(), and the the ageid() filter have been made timezone-aware.
  • Added a TimeZoneField, which displays all known timezones for selection. The timezones come from the pytz module, which is now a dependency of djblets.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge