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Djblets 3.2 Release Notes

Release date: February 6, 2023


Djblets 3.2 is compatible with Django 3.2.

To install Djblets 3.2, run:

$ pip3 install Djblets==3.2

To learn more, see:


  • Added BaseRemovedInProductVersionWarning.

    This can subclassed by consumers to add version-specific deprecation warnings to their code.

  • Added deprecate_non_keyword_only_args().

    This decorator can be used to help transition functions to keyword-only arguments. While decorated, function calls can still pass positional values to keyword-only arguments, but doing so will raise a warning.



  • Added TestCase.assertWarnings().

    This takes a list of dictionaries, each specifying a warning class and optional message, and will check for warnings in that order.

    It can also check that no warnings were emitted, by providing an empty list.


  • Added type hints for several modules.

    This includes all classes in:

  • Added keyword-only arguments for constructors on WebAPIResponse, WebAPIResponseError, WebAPIResponseFormError, and WebAPIResponsePaginated.

    Positional argument values can still be provided for keyword-only arguments until Djblets 4. A deprecation warning will be emitted.

  • Improved caching of URI templates on root resources.

    For consumers of many API root resources (such as one per organization namespace), caches will no longer grow unbounded. There’s now a limit to 50 cached entries in total.

    Invalidation is also now thread-safe.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Michelle Aubin