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Djblets 0.7.3 Release Notes

Release date: November 29, 2012

This release contains all the fixes and functionality of 0.6.27.


  • Django 1.4.2 is now required.
  • All admin-related templates have been changed to better fit the admin template structure and styles. This includes siteconfig and logs.


  • Extension lists and state are now synchronized across threads/processes/servers.
  • Extension subclasses now must capture all variable arguments (*args, **kwargs) and pass them to the parent constructor.
  • URLHook, admin URLs, and API resource URLs are all now added and removed properly when an extension is enabled or disabled.


  • Cache keys are now bound to the SITE_ROOT, if one is set, to prevent leakage across instances. (Bug #2538)

  • Added DynamicURLResolver in djblets.util.urlresolvers.

    This can be added to a urlpatterns list to provide an entry point for dynamically adding or removing URLs on a site. This is used primarily for extensions.


  • API handler functions that specify allow_unknown=True in @webapi_request_fields can now retrieve all extra fields as an extra_fields argument.


  • The jQuery dependency has been updated to 1.8.2, and jQuery-UI to 1.8.24.

  • inlineEditor’s animation speed has increased, and is now customizable through options.fadeSpeedMS.

  • inlineEditor now does a better job of matching the parent container’s bounds.

  • inlineEditor no longer activates when simply selecting text.

    Patch by Dave Druska.

  • Added a $.fn.retinaGravatar function that, on Retina-capable displays, requests a larger gravatar for the given URL specified in an <img/>.


  • Christian Hammond
  • Dave Druska
  • David Trowbridge