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Djblets 0.8.4 Release Notes

Release date: June 12, 2014


  • Added LocalDataQuerySet, which emulates a QuerySet but for a local list of values.

    This is very useful when writing a WebAPIResource that isn’t backed by a Django model. The get_queryset() method can return an instance of LocalDataQuerySet with the data to provide in the payload.


  • Sped up unit tests for projects that make use of extensions.

    To gain some of these speed benefits, projects should set settings.RUNNING_TEST to True when the unit tests are running.


  • Fixed reloading of logging settings.

    The restart_logging() function didn’t actually remove the old loggers properly. It now unregisters every registered logger before re-adding them.


  • Rewrote WebAPIResponsePaginated to be extensible.

    WebAPIResponsePaginated’s behavior can now be customized by subclasses. This allows URL building, previous/next calculation, results fetching, link building, and more to be overridden.

  • Added support for custom pagination in API resources.

    WebAPIResource subclasses can now specify a custom WebAPIResponsePaginated subclass to use for API results by setting the paginated_cls attribute on the WebAPIResource subclass.

  • Repeated calls to get_object() no longer re-fetch the object.

    get_object() now caches the fetched object for the given query attributes, meaning that it can be called multiple times within the same request without hitting the database more than once or performing other expensive operations.

  • djblets.webapi.core is now deprecated.

    This module has been split up. All response-related classes now exist in djblets.webapi.responses, and the encoders now exist in djblets.webapi.encoders.

    The existing module will continue to work, but will emit a DeprecationWarning. Code should be updated to use the new modules.


  • Fixed clicking on links on an inlineEditor’s text area when not in edit mode. (Bug #3377)

    Patch by Thom Gerdes.

  • Fixed selecting text without opening the editor.

    Patch by Thom Gerdes.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Thom Gerdes