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Djblets 0.9.4 Release Notes

Release date: October 17, 2016


  • Fixed passing JavaScript model data to the configuration forms.

  • Fixed missing end tags in the configuration forms.


  • Added signals and attributes to the $.fn.datagrid widget for mobile mode.

    The datagrid widget now triggers datagridDisplayModeChanged events when going in and out of mobile mode. These provide a mode parameter indicating if it’s in mobile or desktop modes. Callers can also look up the data-datagrid-display-mode attribute on the element to see what the current mode is at any time.

  • Fixed a breakage in the columns menu when attempting to toggle it opened and closed really fast.


  • Added infrastructure to help test extensions.

    This allows projects to provide an easy way for extension authors to maintain test suites for their extensions, and offers utilities for extension authors themselves.

    See Testing Extensions for more information.

  • Updated ExtensionInfo to work either with or without entrypoints.

    This class, which is used to store metadata information on an extension, used to require that the extension be backed by an entrypoint, which made it difficult to test. These are now able to be created and populated manually.

  • Added better error reporting when failing to look up static media files in an extension during packaging.

  • Exception tracebacks are now logged when an extension fails to load.


  • Added functionality for looking up DMARC records for a domain.

    The methods in djblets.mail.dmarc make it easy to look up the DMARC policies set for unverified senders, allowing for more intelligent decision making when preparing to send an e-mail on behalf of a user.

  • Added optional smart spoofing of e-mail addresses in EmailMessage.

    Projects can enable smart spoofing of sender e-mail addresses, which will choose a suitable From address based on whether a DMARC record could get in the way of an e-mail with a spoofed sender from being received by other users. See the documentation for EmailMessage for information on how to enable this.

  • Added support for setting BCC addresses in EmailMessage.

  • Made most of the options to EmailMessage optional.

  • Added utility functions for buliding e-mail addresses.

    The new methods in djblets.mail.utils can be used to properly format e-mail addresses, given a User or a user’s information.


  • Fixed showing non-field error messages in the siteconfig settings page.

    The wrong variable was being accessed, preventing these errors from appearing.


  • Added a function for lazily looking up a static media URL.

    The new static_lazy() can be used in a class body or global variable to reference a static media path without triggering an immediate lookup. The result will be resolved on demand when accessed by running code.


  • Removed references to “local sites” when generating API tokens.

    Local sites are a Review Board concept, which was accidentally brought over when API Token support was moved into Djblets.

  • Floating point values are now serialized without crashing when using an XML response payload.

    Patch by Griffin Myers.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Griffin Myers