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Djblets 0.5 RC 2 Release Notes

Release date: June 13, 2009


  • Properly list the license as MIT, not GPL, in setup.py. (Bug #1120)


  • Prevent funcQueue.start() from being called when the queue is already started.


  • Added speedups when sorting columns. We used to generate an SQL query that pulled in all information in the order specified by the columns, but this could be slow for large data sets. We now do the minimal query, retrieving only the object IDs, and then fetch data on those specific IDs in a second query. The end result is a significant speedup in rendering datagrids when used with large amounts of data.


  • Fix logging when we’re unable to write to the log file. We now fall back on stderr. Patch by Paolo Borelli.


  • Fixed a typo in a variable name that caused problems in JSONField when getting data in an unexpected format.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Paolo Borelli