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Djblets 0.7.19 Release Notes

Release date: October 10, 2013

Security updates

  • JSONField now corrects incorrectly stored contents in a safer way, to remove the risk of any exploits in a JSON payload.

    This is CVE-2013-4409, and was reported and patched by Frederik Braun.


  • Updated much of the codebase to be more compatible with Django 1.5 and newer. The upcoming Djblets 0.8 releases will be geared more heavily toward Django 1.5 compatibility.


  • Fixed building the static media for Djblets when using a Python interpreter other than the one named ‘python’ in the system path.

    Patch by Emmanuel Gil Peyrot.

  • Djblets now requires django-pipeline 1.2.24. This version of Djblets does not work correctly with newer versions.


  • Extensions can now add additional middleware by setting Extension.middleware` to a list of middleware classes.

    Patch by Mark Côté.

  • Updated ExtensionResource to use the modern, type-checked, documented field style, and to add missing documentation.


  • The json_dumps() filter no longer defaults to indenting at all. Previously, it defaulted to 0, which did not indent code, but did preserve newlines.


  • WebAPIError.with_message() no longer overrides the original message for all other instances of that error.
  • Added WebAPIError.with_overrides(), which allows overriding the message and HTTP headers.
  • The webapi decorators now preserve and merge webapi-related information from other decorators, such as the lists of response errors and optional/required fields.


  • The modalBox z-index has been increased from its previously low z-index, to prevent other UI elements from more easily popping up over it.

    Patch by Natasha Dalal.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
  • Frederik Braun
  • Mark Côté
  • Natasha Dalal