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Djblets 2.2 Release Notes

Release date: March 2, 2021

Performance Improvements

  • Improved compilation times with our LessCompiler for LessCSS files.

    This has a significant impact on development servers, where all LessCSS files are checked every page load to see which need to be compiled. The first page’s load time will be reduced, and subsequent page loads will be nearly instantaneous.

New Features

  • Added a settings.LOGGING_TO_STDOUT setting, which can be set to True to force all log messages to go to standard out.

    This is useful particularly when running in a Docker container, where applications are expected to log to standard output. This can be used along with the standard file-based logging.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed packaging extensions when running on Python 3.

    Our extension packaging support was previously using byte strings on Python 3 for some command line arguments used for packaging. This crashed when trying to invoke the setup.py for an extension’s package.


  • Christian Hammond