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Djblets 0.6.16 Release Notes

Release date: February 26, 2012


  • Removed an extraneous </span> in the paginator.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Django 1.4 in the queries.


  • Fix parsing of tokens in a blocktag in Django 1.4.

    We were failing to pass a tuple to parser.parse() when specifying the end tags for a block tag. Somehow this never bit us before, but a seemingly unrelated change in Django 1.4 triggered this broken behavior, making all custom blocktags break.

    This led to some false-positives in other fixes, where it seemed that removing custom tags starting with “if” solved things. In reality, it didn’t solve anything. It just masked the problem.

    This change should be compatible with all versions of Django.


  • Add support for resource-specific mimetypes.

    A common method for REST services is to have payloads returned with resource-specific mimetypes. These can help to identify the format of a payload (useful for automatic bindings) without having to inspect the URI.

    This adds support for easily telling a resource to return such mimetypes. If mimetype_vendor is specified, WebAPIResource can populate the accepted mimetypes list with some vendor/resource-specific mimetypes that will be used by default for any responses.

    When there’s a vendor mimetype, the resources will use the resource names for the mimetypes, but these can be overridden using mimetype_list_resource_name and mimetype_item_resource_name.

  • Accept true as a valid boolean value in the web API.

    Patch by Jim Chen.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Jim Chen