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Djblets 0.8.9 Release Notes

Release date: August 20, 2014

Security Updates

This release depends on Django 1.6.6 or higher, which fixes a number of security vulnerabilities.


  • Fixed building of i18n files on pristine systems.

    This had regressed in 0.8.8, and has been restored to working condition in 0.8.9.

    Patch by Stephen Gallagher.


  • Added support for radio actions on list items.

    Radio actions work just like checkbox actions, except that they take a group name (the name attribute) for grouping purposes.

    Radio actions can also invoke action handlers when clicked, even if they’re already selected, by specifying dispatchOnClick: true in the action settings.

  • Labels for actions on list items now have class names, so that they can be styled or referenced. These are in the form of config-forms-list-action-label-action_id.

  • Items in lists can now be faded in/out when added/removed.

    By specifying options.animateItems: true when constructing the ListView, items will be faded in/out when added/removed. This defaults to being off, for compatibility reasons.

    For individual items, animation can be turned off by specifying options.animate: false when adding the item.

  • Fixed the display of spinners on list items.


  • Added a function to get the raw Base64 content on Base64Fields.

    Base64field now provides a get_fieldname_base64() on the class that will return the actual Base64 content, rather than the decoded content.


  • Fixed thread-related issues with extensions data and media installation.

    The locking code we had didn’t work reliably, due to the method in which we were locking (actually the method in which Django’s locking code was locking). Newer versions of Django fix this locking call, so we’ve ended up backporting those fixes into Djblets.

    On top of this, there were locking conditions we needed to set and results we needed to listen to in order to establish a sufficient lock.

    There was also an issue where, after the lock was cleared, all threads would try to delete the same file, which resulted in an error. We now ignore this error, and only report on it if it wasn’t due to the file already being deleted.

  • 404 Not Found pages no longer break when there are registered TemplateHooks.

    Patch by Mike Conley.


  • Added backboneUtils, which provides functionality to bind Backbone.js model attributes and events to class names, visibility, or DOM properties.


  • Fixed several size-related issues with inlineEditor.

    inlineEditor now does a better job of determining the bounds for display, and aligning to the text. It also no longer reserves space for the edit icon to the side of the field, and instead takes up that space.

    Due to the change in the edit icon’s visibility mode, it’s up to consumers to be sure they have a proper line-height set to encompass the icon and the text.

  • inlineEditor now uses a <span/> wrapper for buttons in single-line mode, instead of a <div/> with display: inline forced. This gives consumers the ability to style and position the buttons however it likes.

    inlineEditor’s size will be set correctly based on where the buttons end up. If the buttons are meant to be on the same line, then the field will leave room for them. If they’re set to be on the next line, then the field will take up its full width.

  • Added a beginEditPreShow event that consumers can listen to in order to set classes or perform other operations after going into edit mode but before showing the editor.


  • Modal box backgrounds now fade in much faster, and are much darker. This helps to make the boxes stand out and to feel faster.
  • Modal boxes no longer jump around by a pixel as their content changes. This was due to a rounding error.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Mike Conley
  • Stephen Gallagher