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Djblets 0.8.15 Release Notes

Release date: February 12, 2015


  • Fixed RelationCounterField when IDs are re-used.

    Cached information would be re-used if re-using the same model instance IDs. This would cause incorrect counts. This didn’t really occur during production, and was primarily an issue in unit tests.


  • Added WebAPIResource.are_cache_headers_current().

    This method checks if the client-provided cache headers match a set of values, in order to provide consistency with our caching support.

  • Added WebAPIResource.encode_etag().

    This method encodes an ETag for a given string in a consistent way.

    Any subclasses calling WebAPIResource.generate_etag() must pass encode_etag=False and pass the result through WebAPIResource.encode_etag() before sending to the client, or a deprecation warning will be displayed.


  • Fixed escaping issues in the form_field_dialogs() template tag. (Bug #3678)

    If using a localization that used JavaScript-unsafe characters, the resulting JSON blob would cause parsing errors. We now escape all localized text.

    Patch by Teresa Fan.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Teresa Fan