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Djblets 0.8.27 Release Notes

Release date: October 17, 2016

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to Djblets 0.8.27, run:

pip install Djblets==0.8.27


easy_install Djblets==0.8.27


  • Fixed passing JavaScript model data to the configuration forms.
  • Fixed missing end tags in the configuration forms.


  • Added infrastructure to help test extensions.

    This allows projects to provide an easy way for extension authors to maintain test suites for their extensions, and offers utilities for extension authors themselves.

    See Testing Extensions for more information. Please note that these docs are written for Djblets 0.9, but still generally apply to this release.

  • Updated ExtensionInfo to work either with or without entrypoints.

    This class, which is used to store metadata information on an extension, used to require that the extension be backed by an entrypoint, which made it difficult to test. These are now able to be created and populated manually.

  • Added better error reporting when failing to look up static media files in an extension during packaging.

  • Exception tracebacks are now logged when an extension fails to load.


  • Fixed showing non-field error messages in the siteconfig settings page.

    The wrong variable was being accessed, preventing these errors from appearing.

  • Added a template for rendering fieldsets for forms.

    The template logic for rendering fieldsets for siteconfig (or most standard forms) has been made available in the siteconfig/settings_fieldsets.html template. This may be useful to templates that need to do something a bit custom.

    If using Djblets 0.9+, you will want to instead use forms/admin/form_fieldsets.html, as the siteconfig templates are considered deprecated in newer versions.

  • Added support for standard Django fieldset definitions in siteconfig settings forms.

    The old form required the use of a custom, legacy format for fieldset definitions in my_form_cls.Meta.fieldsets. The new template supports the standard format that Django documents for forms.


  • Barret Rennie
  • Christian Hammond