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Djblets 0.8.19 Release Notes

Release date: June 11, 2015


  • make_cache_key() now strips out invalid characters from cache keys. (Bug #3873)

    Spaces, tabs, and newlines are all removed from the cache key, preventing issues with saving to memcached or other similar cache backends.


  • If accessing a page that doesn’t exist or is hidden, the user will be redirected to a a visible page.


  • Alphanumeric datagrids now have an All button for listing all entries.

    This works just like the paginator for standard datagrids, and is the new default. Filtering by a letter, number, or symbol is now optional, and not the default.

    Patch by Halvor Lund.


  • Extensions that modify settings on load will no longer trigger extension reload loops.

    These loops were causing the extension manager to do a reload on every request, slowing down responses, due to some incorrect tracking of the synchronization generation number.


  • Fixed failures due to stale tracked instances in RelationCounterField that are never saved.
  • Fixed possible ID reuse for tracked instance state in RelationCounterField.


  • Fixed KeyErrors mentioning request_info when attempting to log to an unwritable path.


  • Fixed several type-related issues in the set-siteconfig and get-siteconfig management commands. (Bug #3743)

    get-siteconfig no longer crashes if fetching a non-string value.

    set-siteconfig now accepts true and false (as shown by list-siteconfig) for boolean values, and can set values to null.


  • Added an encode_etag() function for encoding a string representing an ETag into a SHA1.
  • Added a split template tag for splitting a string, given a delimiter.


  • Fixed expanding fields in list resources.


  • retinaGravatar() now supports function chaining.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Halvor Lund