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build_integration_urlpatterns(list_view_cls, config_form_view_cls, namespace=None)[source]

Build URL patterns for integration pages.

This will produce a set of URL patterns for the integration administration pages that take advantage of the specialized views provided. These can be used in a urls.py, either returned as a urlpatterns variable or included using include().

  • list_view_cls (type, optional) –

    The view responsible for listing available integrations. This should be a subclass of BaseIntegrationListView.

    If None, the integration list URL will not be provided in the URL patterns. Consumers should define their own integration-list URL with the appropriate namespace in order to handle any URL reversing that may occur.

  • config_form_view_cls (type) –

    The view responsible for configuring an integration. This should be a subclass of BaseIntegrationConfigFormView.

    If None, the integration configuration URLs will not be provided in the URL patterns. This will break the integrations list URL unless consumers provide their own integration-add-config and integration-change-config URL registrations.

  • namespace (unicode, optional) –

    The namespace to use for all URL names.

    For legacy reasons, this is an empty string. If embedding into other parts of the app, this should be changed. For instance, you may want the admin version to use admin.