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Views for the log app.

parse_timestamp(format, timestamp_str)[source]

Utility function to parse a timestamp into a datetime.datetime.

Python 2.5 and up have datetime.strptime, but Python 2.4 does not, so we roll our own as per the documentation.

If passed a timestamp_str of None, we will return None as a convenience.

build_query_string(request, params)[source]

Builds a query string that includes the specified parameters along with those that were passed to the page.

params is a dictionary.

iter_log_lines(from_timestamp, to_timestamp, requested_levels)[source]

Generator that iterates over lines in a log file, yielding the yielding information about the lines.

get_log_filtersets(request, requested_levels, from_timestamp, to_timestamp)[source]

Returns the filtersets that will be used in the log view.

server_log(request, template_name='log/log.html')[source]

Displays the server log.