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Error classes for extensions.

exception EnablingExtensionError(message, load_error=None, needs_reload=False)[source]

Bases: Exception

An extension could not be enabled.

__init__(message, load_error=None, needs_reload=False)[source]

Initialize the error.

  • message (unicode) – The detailed error message.

  • load_error (unicode, optional) – An exception from the attempt to enable the extension, or other useful information to display to the user to help diagnose the problem.

  • needs_reload (bool, optional) – Whether fixing this error requires reloading the extension.

exception DisablingExtensionError[source]

Bases: Exception

An extension could not be disabled.

exception InstallExtensionError(message, load_error=None)[source]

Bases: Exception

An extension could not be installed.

__init__(message, load_error=None)[source]
exception InstallExtensionMediaError(message, load_error=None)[source]

Bases: djblets.extensions.errors.InstallExtensionError

An error indicating that extension media files could not be installed.

__annotations__ = {}
exception InvalidExtensionError(extension_id)[source]

Bases: Exception

An extension does not exist.