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Views for working with site configurations.

site_settings(request: django.http.request.HttpRequest, form_class: typing.Type[djblets.siteconfig.forms.SiteSettingsForm] = <class 'djblets.siteconfig.forms.SiteSettingsForm'>, template_name: str = 'siteconfig/settings.html', extra_context: typing.Dict = {}) django.http.response.HttpResponse[source]

A view for customizing the site configuration’s settings.

This will make use of the provided form class and template, handling loading and saving any site configuration settings.

  • request (django.http.HttpRequest) – The HTTP request for the view.

  • form_class (type, optional) – The form class to use for editing the settings. This should be either SiteSettingsForm or a subclass of it.

  • template_name (str, optional) – The template to render for the view.

  • extra_context (dict, optional) – Extra context variables to pass to the template.


The response containing the page.

Return type