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An avatar service for providing Gravatars.

class GravatarService(settings_manager_class)[source]

Bases: djblets.avatars.services.base.AvatarService

An avatar service for providing Gravatars.

avatar_service_id = 'gravatar'[source]

The avatar service’s ID.

This must be unique for every avatar service subclass.

name = 'Gravatar'[source]

The avatar service’s human-readable name.

consent_requirement_id = 'gravatar'[source]

The ID of a consent requirement governing use of this avatar service.

If provided, and if consent requirements are enforced by the application, then the service will only be used for a user if consent has been granted.

get_avatar_urls_uncached(user, size)[source]

Return the Gravatar URLs for the requested user.


dict: A dictionary containing the URLs of the user’s avatars at normal- and high-DPI.


Return the ETag data for the user’s avatar.


user (django.contrib.auth.models.User) – The user.


The uniquely identifying information for the user’s avatar.

Return type

list of unicode

__annotations__ = {}