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Review Board 2.0.18 Release Notes

Release date: June 28, 2015


  • Reworked the comment dialog for better extensibility.

    JavaScript extensions using RB.CommentDialogHook() can now add elements to the comment dialog without breaking the sizing or layout.

    There are a few new elements that custom UI can be added to, identified by CSS classes:

    • .comment-dlg-header: The draggable header of the dialog, containing the title and the “Markdown” link.

    • .comment-dlg-body: The main body, containing the text box and .comment-dlg-options.

    • .comment-dlg-options: The list of options (checkboxes) for the comment. Each entry must be a <li>.

    • .comment-dlg-footer: The footer, containing the status text (indicating if a comment must be saved), and the buttons.

    • .comment-dlg-footer .buttons: The buttons on the comment dialog.

  • Fixed packaging issues with Review Board static media files referenced by an extension’s CSS/LessCSS files.


  • When validating diffs, unexpected errors are now caught and returned to the caller, instead of returning a generic HTTP 500.

  • Added an error response when validating diffs or creating review requests using a repository path that matches more than one repository.

  • The changes API will no longer crash when representing a field change from an extension-provided field that no longer exists.

Bug Fixes

New Review Request Page

  • Subversion commits that aren’t accessible (due to ACLs) no longer crash the page.

    Instead, they’re shown in the list as inaccessible, and cannot be posted for review.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed the display of diffs based on parent diffs containing moved files.


  • Fixed the display of comment diff fragments on reviews in Chrome when the server is configured to send X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff.

    Patch by Perry Hung.

  • HTML-like text entered into a reply to a comment is no longer temporarily interpreted as HTML.

    This was only temporarily interpreted as HTML during the save, and was then replaced with the proper text. HTML-like text was never interpreted as HTML on page load or any other time, so there’s no risk that the text could be used to compromise a user.

  • Updating the description or testing of a review request from a commit or Perforce changeset no longer escapes the new text. (Bug #3898)

    This would happen if the text was previously flagged as Markdown text (when editing the text field and saving as Markdown). That flag wans’t being reset when updated from an outside source.


  • Fixed a regression in posting CVS diffs for review. (Bug #3887)


  • Fixed a regression in posting Perforce diffs for review. (Bug #3887)


  • Fixed parsing SVN diffs with revision markers localized in German.

  • Fixed a regression in adding repositories with self-signed SSL certificates. (Bug #3888)

    When trying to add a repository with a self-signed certificate, the certificate will once again be presented to the user for verification, rather than simply failing.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur in some setups when instructing an external program to use rbssh.

    If the external program wasn’t preserving the environment, then rbssh would fail on startup, resulting in hard-to-diagnose errors. This was seen in some Subversion setups.

    This also fixes manually using rbssh on the command line.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Perry Hung